Hayes Group International -- March 2016
Beating 'Grey Cubicle Syndrome' 

"I was recently interviewed for Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine on 'grey cubicle syndrome' and wanted to share this information with our contacts for anyone who feels stuck in their current job or career going into 2016."  - Mike Comer 
In our very driven and technologically savvy world, it's no surprise that many people often end up feeling stuck in their careers. In fact, the average time Americans stay at a job is under five years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Career transition is an issue Dr. Michael Comer often helps others with in his role as a business and leadership coach.

Comer has over 25 years of consulting and coaching experience, working with Fortune 50 companies as well as smaller organizations. He currently serves as President for The Hayes Group International and has written extensively on career restlessness in the modern workplace, referring to it as "grey cubicle syndrome."

What's grey cubicle syndrome?
"There comes a time in many people's lives when they assess whether they are really making a contribution in their work or enjoying what they do. Some question whether they are following the call that they may have heard more precisely as a child, or really using their full abilities, or putting their degree to full use. This phenomenon is known as grey cubicle syndrome.
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Excerpt from article "Ask an Expert: Dr. Michael Comer" as featured in Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine, click here to view the original article.
Restoring Productivity and Morale after Layoffs 

A major company decided to shut down an entire branch without coaching its managers in delivering the news. The CEO requested a meeting of all employees, but did not show up. Instead he sent the branch manager a FedEx box with termination packets and no instructions whatsoever. The manager opened the box and proclaimed "This is my last day with the company and I'm so selfish, I'm taking you all with me." [1] 
This story had been told widely in the marketplace as a way not to communicate layoffs. It was quoted in an article in a Harvard Business School publication with the footnote that the CEO's reputation and trust were so damaged that it was difficult for his company to recover after the downsizing.

Is there a "right" way to downsize? As a member of a consulting firm specializing in organizational development and communications, I say empathetically "yes". Our experience in working with over 1,500 companies in 30 years emphasizes six steps for the right way to downsize. Often business leaders strategize how those employees who leave will be assisted, but forget the morale impact on the "survivors." This article concentrates on those who do not leave the company (i.e. the survivors) and how to restore productivity while rebuilding morale.

[1] Robbins, S. "How to Communicate Layoffs" Harvard Management Communication Letter, July 2001 
Click here to continue reading this article and learn the six ways Hayes Group recommends for restoring productivity and morale after layoffs or download the article as a PDF.  
Excerpt from article "Restoring Productivity and Morale after Layoffs" by Dr. Michael Comer.

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Updates from Hayes Group
For those that might have missed our January announcement - The Hayes Group International, Inc. announced that Dr. Michael Comer will become president of the group and a member of the company's board of directors, effective January 1, 2016. This restructure is part of the firm's business continuity plan. As part of the plan, Dr. Merwyn A. Hayes will continue as CEO and concentrate primarily in coaching and advising senior-level and C-suite leaders. Marge Hayes will continue her role serving clients and as Managing Partner overseeing business operations, finances, and business growth. Click here to continue reading this announcement.

The Hayes Group will be celebrating our 40th anniversary this year. More details and information will be sent along in the coming months.

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