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The Hayes Group International is on the GSA Schedule
Winston-Salem, NC - The Hayes Group International, Inc. was officially awarded GSA contract #GS-00F-121DA. We are committed to serving government agencies with the same intensity and commitment that we have our commercial clients for over 40 years.

GSA Advantage
Hayes formally entered the government practice arena in 2008. Given the unique challenges presented for providing our services to governmental agencies, federal, state and municipal it was decided that if we were going to continue to provide our services to other governmental clients, we should create a specialized area to ensure that we not only met the needs of our government clients, but also to ensure we did it correctly.

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GSA Schedule Services
MOBIS 874-1, 874-4, 874-9

Coaching & Consulting Services

Helping leaders maximize their success requires a commitment to helping leaders work through existing barriers and to maximize and leverage their strengths.  The Hayes Group was founded on helping leaders do just that.  Our approach is high-touch and both content and context driven.  We adhere to a strict code of ethics and are committed to the client's success because we realize their success is the only means to achieving our own.

Many organizations feel as though the most important outcome of the planning process is the strategic plan document. We assure you that it is not. What's most important is the dialogue and strategic thinking that leads to agreement in each key area of your plan. Discussion and debate, when used constructively, lead to one voice and most importantly one direction that identifies the organization's true north.

Whether you simply need an outside party to facilitate an important meeting or you need an experienced facilitator to help a team work through existing barriers that are inhibiting its success.  Trained and experienced Hayes consultants can help make your next meeting more effective and efficient and help your team achieve, not just short-term improvements but lasting success.  

Team Development

The Hayes Group team development process leads "groups" to work together as "teams" through identification of teamwork barriers, discussion and action planning, and realization of different styles of team members. The primary outcome of the Hayes team development process is an organization that is more effective in carrying out its mission and in turn more successful in accomplishing its bottom line results.
Training Services

The Hayes Training and Development Services increase the value of the client's people by elevating their skills to new heights. The training processes are highly interactive, challenging participants to apply new learning to their real-world environment. Training often involves unique one-on-one video-recorded skill development with simulated role-plays and group feedback. The behavioral changes acquired in all Hayes training through a carefully planned Sustainability Process - to insure that the lessons learned are sustained.
GSA Contract # GS-00F-121DA
Contract Number: GS-00F-121DA
FSC Classes (SINS):874-1, 874-4, 874-9
Contract Period: April 15, 2016 through April 14, 2021
Contractor's Name: The Hayes Group International
Contractor's HQ Address: 4400 Silas Creek Parkway, Suite 301, Winston-Salem, NC, 27104-3823
Order Address: The Hayes Group International
Attention: Angela Blackmon
4400 Silas Creek Parkway, Suite 301
Winston-Salem, NC, 27104-3823
Order Phone: (336) 765-6764
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Founded in 1976, The Hayes Group is dedicated to "elevating organizations by helping leaders and teams become the best they can be." The Hayes Group International is a full-service organizational consulting firm. To learn more visit or "like" their Facebook page.
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