Most successful companies are communicating their 2016 Performance Reviews in early 2017. The Hayes Group can help your department/company get the most of your performance review process by providing 'just in time' training to equip your managers to have outstanding performance conversations.
The Hayes Group has:
A two-hour training module called "Writing Performance Reviews™" that can be easily customized to your company and delivered in person in multiple-sessions or via webinar
A one-day training workshop called "Having Performance Conversations™" that gives tips and techniques for:
  • How to prepare for the conversation
  • How to improve competencies
  • How to handle difficult situations in performance discussions
This training includes video-recorded role-play with trained instructors providing feedback and small-group peer feedback. This video-recorded training is a hallmark of Hayes training for over 40 years. We have had over 160,000 people be part of the video training experience!

Hayes can easily and quickly customize your performance review system to fit our training modules!  

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Marge Hayes
Managing Partner

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